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Well, the system has been built and everything is installed. It did not go as perfect as I wanted to because of the combination of some components. I had two main problems:

- The bottom of the mainboard has the connector to the front panel USB connectors, which is in-the-way of the middle fan at the bottom. This means I have to order a very low profile usb extender cable for that. For now, the front panel is disconnected so the fan's could fit in:

- The radiator on the top had pretty high profile screws, which prevents the magnetic dust filter from fitting. I solved this by leaving out the rings making everything low enough so the magnetic dust filter would fit while still having the radiator on top:

I decided to go with a dark blue, static theme:

A little warning for people using the Aura software from Asus to animate the colors of the RGB fans and components: I noticed that animating the RGB strips makes the service called "Lighting Service" go way up in CPU usage. I could get it up to 8% of the CPU just for the RGB, which is performance I am not willing to sacrifice. If you set it to static, the service drops to 0 to 1% CPU usage. Might be a bug in the software?

Anyway, the system runs perfectly. Overclocked CPU to 5Ghz. Everything stays very cool. Temperatures for the CPU is around 43 celcius on full load during benchmarks. The graphics card is overclocked at +150 core and +650 memory giving it a 64 degrees celcius after one hour of benchmarks.

The next step is to find overclocking boundaries. I will keep the blog updated.

Due to the continuously shifting delivery time I decided to go with the o11 Dynamic non-XL version. All parts are in, building started.

Unfortunately, the chassis has a long delay (few weeks).
The rest of the parts arrived today. Added picture of all the parts.

System ordered. Expected delivery time: 14-11-2019.
Photo's and updated information will follow soon.

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